Cold laser therapy, also referred to as Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), is a regenerative therapy using low levels of laser light compared to laser levels used for surgical or dermatological procedures that burn the tissue. During this procedure, different wavelengths and outputs of low-level light are applied directly to a targeted area. The body absorbs the beams of light which directly affect damaged cells creating a physiological reaction that promotes regeneration.

Superficial tissue is commonly treated with wavelengths between 600 and 700 nanometers (nm) while deeper tissues are treated with wavelengths between 780 and 950 nm are used.

Cold laser is a useful therapy for many conditions we face with our pets. The procedure is painless, non-invasive, and very effective in modulating pain, improving blood flow to assist in tissue healing, treatment of inflammation and wound healing. It is very effective when used in conjunction with chiropractic and/or acupuncture.

Common issues treated with laser include:
• Arthritis
• Hip dysplasia
• Tendon/ligament injuries
• Muscle injuries
• Sore backs
• Ear infection/chronic otitis
• Wounds
• Pododermatitis
• ACL/CCL/knee injury
• Back and neck pain
• Disc disease (IVDD) and spinal problems
• Nerve injury
• Surgery recovery