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Active Balance LLC is a veterinary chiropractic, acupuncture and laser service based out of Milwaukie. Dr. Taryn Yates provides chiropractic, acupuncture and laser services to small animals and horses in the Portland area. Dr. Yates has been based out of Bend, OR for the past 7 years but has recently moved to the valley to be closer to family.

Every day at Active Balance Integrative Veterinary Services, it is our responsibility to help make your veterinary experience a positive one and to ensure that both you and your animals are at ease. Dr. Yates understands that for animals to receive the full benefit of integrative therapies, a relaxed non-clinical environment is key to helping patients fully relax for their treatment. Every patient receives personal one on one time with Dr. yates where the treats every patient with kindness, compassion, patience, professionalism, and integrity.

Dr. Yates feels that, by focusing her clinic work on integrative therapies, she can work closely with your regular veterinarian to build a stronger treatment plan, which will help you get the best results for your pet. She has been focusing on integrative therapies since she opened the doors of Active Balance in 2015 and has worked closely with clients and veterinarians on a large range of issues from pain/injury, rehabilitation, athletic maintenance, metabolic disease, kidney disease, geriatric care etc. As Dr. Yates started her training in chiropractic and acupuncture care, she quickly realized that they can fill areas where western medicine lacks treatment options. It offers alternative or additional treatments for many pain conditions and internal medical issues in a natural and safe way.

Dr. Taryn Yates

Dr. Yates graduated from Colorado State School of Veterinary Medicine in 2012 and started her career in equine medicine. Dr. Yates moved to Bend OR in 2015 to open Active Balance Integrative Veterinary services and focus her practice on chiropractic and acupuncture care. She completed her acupuncture training with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and her chiropractic training with Options for Animals School of Animal Chiropractic.

After completing her chiropractic and acupuncture training, she decided to solely focus on integrative therapies and work with other veterinarians to help enhance their treatments through the addition of chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy. Once she saw the incredible results that adding chiropractic and acupuncture into a patient’s treatment plan achieved, she focused her practice on alternative therapies. She is currently working on her certification in canine rehabilitation to further aid her clients with their recovery.

Dr. Yates also specializes in equine performance conditioning and rehabilitation. She will work closely with trainers, owners, and riders to develop the best exercises and treatment schedule to help each horse perform at its best. Dr. Yates is an accomplished dressage rider herself and has trained and shown through Grand Prix.

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